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CB Predictive Security Cloud

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PSC ➞ 261% ROI

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting*, using the PSC resulted in significant cost savings: 261% ROI over 3 years.
*Study commissioned by Carbon Black

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New On The PSC

Powerful threat hunting, incident response and real-time endpoint query and remediation, all on the same platform.

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Results Are In!

Carbon Black outperforms all other EDR solutions on speed, confidence and predictability in the MITRE ATT&CK™ evaluation.

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See CB Defense live in your environment to learn how it uncovers malicious behavior to stop all types of attacks.

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Trusted By Over 4,600 Organizations Worldwide

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CB Predictive Security Cloud

The Cloud-Delivered Advantage

In today’s mobile world, endpoints are the new perimeter—and every endpoint is a possible entry point. Carbon Black combines unfiltered data collection, predictive analytics, and cloud-based delivery to provide superior endpoint protection that puts you back in control.

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Extensibility, Unfiltered Data, Streaming Analytics
Single Console
Single Dataset
Next Gen Antivirus, EDR, Managed Alert Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Real-Time Response, Real-Time Query, Secure Data Center
Single Agent
Consolidated Endpoint Security Platform

The CB Predictive Security Cloud is an endpoint protection platform that consolidates security leveraging the cloud, making it easy to prevent, investigate, remediate and hunt for threats.

  • Stop more attacks, take back control over your endpoints, and worry less
  • Cut down the guesswork and close security gaps fast
  • Consolidate multiple capabilities in the cloud using a single endpoint agent, console and dataset
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Single Console

The combined efforts of the CB Predictive Security Cloud, from its automated prevention to its complete visibility and proactive threat hunting capabilities, are used through a single, cloud-based console.

  • Remove the complexity of monitoring and replicating policies across disparate, siloed point solutions
  • Streamline your efforts to impede and shut down active threats in a single view
  • Act confidently with a modern, easy to use interface that grows with the needs and sophistication of your security and IT teams
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Single Agent

This single, lightweight endpoint agent collects unfiltered data that supports the full set of endpoint protection services offered on the CB Predictive Security Cloud platform.

  • Increase endpoint performance with a single source of data collection and threat prevention
  • Reduce complexity by collapsing management and deployment of multiple point solutions to a single platform
  • Add on additional services as needed without the need to test and roll out new endpoint software
graph showing data at risk, generic suspect, malware & application abuse, emerging threats, process manipulation, and network threat
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Single Dataset

Through the collection of unfiltered endpoint data, the CB Predictive Security Cloud’s single dataset forms the foundation on which its streaming analytics can detect, decipher and model threat behavior to power its security services.

  • Get a clear picture of endpoint activities and behavior from a single source
  • Remove the need to collate and correlate multiple data sources
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The CB Predictive Security Cloud uses its foundation of unfiltered data and streaming analytics to power a host of specialized endpoint security services that support the prevention, detection, proactive hunting and remediation of active threats.

  • Increase the efficacy of your endpoint security program by combining multiple services to identify and prevent known and unknown attacks
  • Enable SecOps teams to investigate, remediate and hunt for emerging threats
  • Rapidly deploy new services without the need to roll out additional endpoint agents and supporting infrastructure
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Unfiltered Data

Unlike other endpoint security platforms that collect data related to known malicious software and attack techniques, the CB Predictive Security Cloud collects a complete dataset of endpoint activities and behaviors to analyze and uncover all types of attacks.

  • Paves the way to improved, automated prevention of advanced attacks and increased visibility into malicious and suspicious activities
  • Discovers new and innovative attacks by collecting all types of data, even that of known, trusted applications and processes
  • Empowers threat hunters and SOC teams to investigate incidents completely and get ahead of major breaches
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Streaming Analytics

The CB Predictive Security Cloud applies streaming analytics, its core analytics engine built upon event-stream processing technology, to its unfiltered dataset to model threat behavior and discover new trends and emerging attack patterns.

  • Leverages the same technology that transformed high frequency trading and credit card fraud detection
  • Focuses on a stream of events, rather than single points in time, to assess risk and understand malicious intent
  • Drives the advanced automatic prevention capabilities that stop new, emerging and fileless attacks
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The CB Predictive Security Cloud is architected upon a robust API framework that makes it easy to integrate and extend, enabling users to create new workflows that support and enhance their security programs and operational processes.

  • Export any piece of data collected from the endpoint at line speeds for use with customer-specific integrations and custom processing
  • Orchestrate custom workflows that trigger certain actions based on predetermined events
  • Feed unfiltered endpoint data into your security stack to enhance their capabilities
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Re-designing Linux Security: Do No Harm

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Our Unique Approach to Cloud Enabled Security

Endpoint security is going through a massive transformation. The next generation of endpoint security is built to predict and prevent a far greater range of threats than the traditional approach.

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Unfiltered Data Collection

Continuous, centralized recording of all OS events without bias of what is good or bad.

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Streaming Analytics

Comprehensive analysis of endpoint behavior over time, not just files, to detect and stop threats.

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Extensible Platform

Designed to integrate with existing investments, build custom extensions, and scale as your organization matures.

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Protecting Brand Leaders Across Industries

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What's New at Carbon Black?

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